Defined Bioscience Introduces ReadyCEPT™: A New Cell Viability Enhancer

Defined Bioscience Introduces ReadyCEPT™: A New Cell Viability Enhancer

Defined Bioscience is pleased to announce the launch of ReadyCEPT™ 1000X, a new product designed to improve stem cell survival, growth, and health during critical processes such as routine passaging, cryopreservation, and freeze-thaw recovery. This product introduces a reliable solution for researchers in stem cell research and biotechnology, focusing on enhancing cell viability.

ReadyCEPT™ (also known as CEPT) combines key ingredients: chroman-1 (a ROCK inhibitor), emricasan (a pan-caspase inhibitor), polyamines (putrescine, spermine, and spermidine for cell growth), and trans-ISRIB (an ISR inhibitor), into a single formulation. Originating from research conducted at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Defined Bioscience brings the CEPT formulation to scientists worldwide. ReadyCEPT™ has shown effectiveness in improving single-cell cloning, sorting, viability, and health, particularly in genetically stable stem cell cultures. It has been noted for its positive impact on cell passaging, cryoprotection, and gene editing, with reduced off-target effects compared to similar products.

Dr. Steve Rees, CEO of Defined Bioscience, comments, "With ReadyCEPT™, we aim to provide a more effective solution for stem cell culture challenges. This product represents our commitment to supporting the research community with reliable, high-quality tools."

ReadyCEPT™ is provided as a 1000X supplement in a DMSO/water mixture, ready for use in 10- and 200-µL volumes to supplement 10 and 200 mL of culture medium, respectively. It is compatible with a wide range of formulations, including Defined Bioscience’s HiDef-B8 medium (Catalog # LSS-204), ensuring versatile application across various research settings.

Each lot of ReadyCEPT™ undergoes performance testing with HiDef-B8 medium in human iPSC culture assays, guaranteeing consistent quality and effectiveness.

For more details on ReadyCEPT™ and its applications, please visit the Defined Bioscience website or reach out to our support team.

About Defined Bioscience

Defined Bioscience is a life science company developing cell culture reagents, growth media, and kits to consistently grow high-quality stem cells and stem cell-derived tissue. We strive to provide improved quality solutions and reduce the production cost of stem cells, stem cell-derived cells, and tissues for our customers working on life science and cultivated meat solutions. Its flagship products include HiDef-B8, a fully defined stem cell maintenance medium with weekend-free passaging capabilities, and FGF2-G3, a thermostable variant of FGF2 with a half-life greater than three weeks in mammalian cell culture conditions. Defined Bioscience is located in San Diego, California.