Defined Bioscience and Atlantic Fish Co. Announce Strategic Collaboration to Advance Cultivated Seafood

Defined Bioscience and Atlantic Fish Co. Announce Strategic Collaboration to Advance Cultivated Seafood

Defined Bioscience, an emerging leader in growth media reagents for life sciences and cellular agriculture, is delighted to announce a strategic collaboration with Atlantic Fish Co., a pioneering startup in cultivated seafood technology. Together, they aim to advance sustainable seafood production by developing innovative cell culture media tailored specifically for cultivated seafood cell expansion.

Cultivated seafood, the concept of manufacturing seafood products from animal cells rather than from traditionally harvested animals, has gained considerable momentum in recent years. This sustainable approach offers an ethical and environmentally conscious alternative to conventional fishing practices and fish farming. A key challenge to this process is the development of cell culture media; as much as 5-10 L of medium can be required to produce one pound of cell mass, requiring resulting formulations to reach $1 or less per liter to make an economically viable food product.

“Cellular agriculture requires low-cost, robust, defined, and animal-free components to thrive in a global economy,” said Dr. Steven Rees, CEO of Defined Bioscience. “Innovative approaches to address these challenges will drive advancements not only in seafood production but across cell types and industries.”

This agreement brings together the medium development capabilities of Defined Bioscience, known for its best-in-class and animal/serum-free medium HiDef-B8, with the seafood cell development expertise of Atlantic Fish Co. This effort underscores the critical need for species-specific growth factors, novel medium formulations, and ethical seafood production practices.

“Our strategy from day 1 was to work with partners to accelerate our path to market,” said Doug Grant, CEO of Atlantic Fish Co. “This partnership operationalizes that strategy by integrating our bioengineered fish cell line technology and Defined Bioscience’s growth media expertise.”

Together, these two innovative companies are chartering a course toward a future where seafood lovers can indulge in guilt-free, eco-conscious culinary experiences. Stay connected as Defined Bioscience and Atlantic Fish Co. embark on this journey to set the stage for a sustainable seafood future.

About Atlantic Fish Co.

Atlantic Fish Co. is developing cultivated seafood to provide the world delicious and sustainable protein. We're focused on carbon-intensive, overfished species and our vision is a future that's better for people, animals, and the planet.  Atlantic Fish Co. operates in Raleigh, North Carolina.

About Defined Bioscience

Defined Bioscience is a life science company developing cell culture reagents, growth media, and kits to consistently grow high-quality stem cells and stem cell-derived tissue. We strive to provide improved quality solutions and reduce the production cost of stem cells, stem cell-derived cells, and tissues for our customers working on life science and cultivated meat solutions. Its flagship products include HiDef-B8, a fully defined stem cell maintenance medium with weekend-free passaging capabilities, and FGF2-G3, a thermostable variant of FGF2 with a half-life greater than three weeks in mammalian cell culture conditions. Defined Bioscience is located in San Diego, California.

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