Cultivated Meat

A new industry that gets us excited!

Cultivated meat is a growing global phenomenon, where stem cells from various animal species are used to grow meat in a laboratory without requiring livestock maintenance and harvesting. The first cultured meat product was approved for sale in Singapore in December 2020, and numbers of companies and products are expected to grow dramatically in the next five years around the world. Cultured meat growth typically requires the use of large bioreactors to grow useful quantities of high-quality product, and the current cost of media for these bioreactors is quite high. Additionally, the field needs media that are highly defined and reproducible, robust over large scales, easily sourced, and free of any unknown componentry.

Towards this end, Defined Bioscience is working to develop first-in-class stem cell media specifically engineered for robust clean meat culture, keeping costs affordable for users with large-scale operations, with all medium components being reliably sourced and fully defined. Through these media formulations, we aim to drastically reduce cultured meat cost for consumers, and enable cultured meat companies to provide high-quality foods, free of unknown and variable components.